Baofeng GT5-TP Donation

Our good friend Phil Mclaren 2W0PJM has very kindly donated a Baofeng GT5-TP to Peter GW4IDV. Peter has been looking for an easy to use handy to use when he visits his family in Portsmouth and when Phil heard about this he donated his Baofeng GT5-TP to Peter.
Our Chairman, Martin Moyse 2W0NKS delivered the radio earlier this week to Peter (pictured). All Peter has to do now is learn to use the radio.

NWARG DX Day Great Orme, Llandudno

GB3GO maintenance

Ted (MW6ADF) & Tom (MWOTMH) went up to the Great Orm in Llandudno on Saturday the 18th January 2020 and changed both antennas on the GB3GO repeater. Reports so far is it’s now far improved over what it was.

Massive thanks to Ted, on getting this done. Some pics show the top quality of these new Renair antennas. Marine quality, tuned for each frequency. Superb!

Radio and Friendship at NWARG

The North Wales Amateur Radio Group has since its conception always had an ethos of being a friendly group that share an interest in amateur radio, hence we proudly display our unique RF logo, “Radio and Friendship”.
We believe in supporting our members in any way that we can and this has been the case recently when one of our members took time out to help another member.

All of our members are keen radio amateurs but unfortunately not everybody is fortunate enough to be able to buy radio equipment or in some cases physically cannot install such equipment. This was indeed the case with one of our much valued members, he has been licensed for some time now but has been unable to purchase or install HF equipment at his home QTH.

One of our Committee members who is also our Examinations Secretary, Pat Harper (2W0HUU) decided that he could do something to assist the member with the situation so visited him at home and installed an HF antenna for him. Pat’s generosity and caring for other members doesn’t stop there however! No, not only did Pat take the time out to install the antenna, he also installed his own Yaesu FT1200 on loan so that our member could finally get on HF radio.

Well done Pat, you are a shinning example of what Amateur Radio, The North Wales Amateur Radio Group, and Friendship is all about.


Mini Field Trip

FT8 50w 02-01-2020

Pat (2W0HUU) and I (2W0NKS) ventured up Gwynessgor this morning for a mini field day! The intention was for Pat Harper to take his mast and test it out but it was far too windy for that so 6m poles it was. I was working ft8 on 40m band and Pat voice on 20m band.
Pat managed several QSO’s including one to Israel. I managed several ft8 QSO’s including Aruba, USA, Japan, Brazil.
We eventually packed up around 11:15 due to stong wind.

NWARG Christmas Party 2019

Even though the North Wales Amateur Radio Group is only a few weeks old we all enjoyed a superb Christmas bash in our HQ, the Northwood Hotel in Rhos on Sea thanks to our host and member David Morgan and his lovely wife Sandy. As you can see, the spread that David and Sandy put on was really something spectacular and was enjoyed to bursting point by all of our members.

We also had a Yeasu FTDX1200 setup thanks to John Pritchard (MW0JWP) and even through the noise of the ongoing Christmas festivities John and Vince Fletcher (GW0NEC) managed some impressive first QSO’s from the groups HQ into Italy, North America, and even the Dominican Republic! Not bad going if you ask me!

All of the members enjoyed a spectacular evening in good company with good friends, we also signed up 6 new members and had time for the customary raffle with some excellent prizes being won.

Our chairman, Martin Moyse (2W0NKS) made a small presentation to David Morgan and his wife Sandy as a gesture of our appreciation for all of the work he had put into providing us with a superb buffet. Martin commented that 2020 would be a busy year for the group with some event stations already in the early stages of planning and announced that we would be entering the RSGB club of the year award in the new year! Martin went on to wish everybody a happy Christmas and New Year.

Photos by Tony Mottram (MW6TMQ)

NWARG net on GB3MP

On Sunday the 15th of December 2019 NWARG held its second net night on one of our local repeaters GB3MP using the club callsign MC0JBQ for its second public appearance with John MW0JWP in the chair as net control. Members on the net were MW6PQQ, 2W0NKS, MW6ADF, MW6TMQ and 2W0HUU.

The net was another great success with all manner of topics being discussed ranging from 2W0NKS’ new skills in shack demolition, to MW6PQQ’ idea of a beach clearing event in the summer of 2020.

It was also discussed and agreed that we would alternate our net nights between GB3MP and GB3GO which we will be doing from now on. Check out our calendar on the website or the events page on our Facebook page for details of the next net night or indeed our upcoming activities and events.

Member Registration

Admin has today changed the NWARG website log-in and registration process for

Up to this point we have had one password for the members only areas of the website and a requirement for a separate registration for the forums on the site.

This has changed now so that each member is required to register individually for access to the site, this registration will allow access to both the members only areas and forums without the need to log into each individually. It will also allow for regular newsletters to be emailed directly to all registered users.
If you are a member of NWARG please register now using by clicking HERE

NWARG net on GB3MP

North Wales Amateur Radio Group held a very successful net on one of our local repeaters tonight, GB3MP. The net was controlled very well by our Treasurer Peter Roberts GW4UWD using the club callsign MC0JBQ for its first public appearance. Other members on the net were MW6PQQ, GW0NEC, 2W0NKS, MW0JWP, MW6ADF, MW6TMQ and a break station from Poulton-la-Fylde 2E0MOW. The net was a great success and I’m sure will become a regular club activity.

NWARG Inaugural meeting, 5th December 2019

Only a few weeks ago a group of radio amateurs from the North Wales area gathered together for a simple coffee morning and ended up deciding upon setting up a new and fresh amateur radio group in North Wales with the ethos of “Radio and Friendship” It has been amazing how much has been achieved in only a few days thanks to the hard work of the groups steering committee. We now have an excellent group logo, a Facebook presence, a website, a page, a club callsign, RSGB affiliation, a place to call home and hold our meetings.

On the 5th of December 2019 at 18:30 hrs we held our very first meeting in the Northwood hotel in Rhos on Sea and attracted some 17 members all with various interests and skill sets in amateur radio. Our steering committee chairperson, Martin Moyse (2W0NKS) opened the meeting and explained the format of the evening and then guided us through the evenings Agenda with notes being taken by the steering committee secretary, Sandra Holmes (MW6ACZ)

After the members had introduced themselves we all completed membership forms and then voted in a new constitution which was duly ratified and accepted by the membership of the group. Next on the agenda was the voting on of a committee. At this point the meeting was handed over to John Pritchard, RSGB representative for area 6 (MW0JWP) who read out the committee member nominations and took votes from the floor on the positions to be filled. The following members were voted on, Chairman – Martin P Moyse 2W0NKS, Vice Chairman – Tony Mottram MW6TMQ, Treasurer – Peter Roberts GW4UWD, Secretary – Sandra Holmes MW6ACZ, and committee members Ted Pierce MW6ADF, Carl Kibblewhite MW6PQQ, Pat Harper 2W0HUU

All in all it was a fantastic start to what promises to be a great friendly and active radio club and we all look forward very much to seeing the club develop and go from strength to strength over the coming weeks, months and years.

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