NWARG Chatroom Help

The NWARG website now has it’s very own chat room for members to chatter away in. To register and use it please follow the simple instructions below:

Please note that the chatroom function is for NWARG members only.

Step 1: You will need to register as a new user by opening an account. To do this click on the “Create an account” link at the bottom of the popup
Step 2: Enter a user name, your full name, your email address and a password the click on “REGISTER”
Step 3: You will then be taken to the “LOG IN SCREEN”. Enter your username followed by@, then enter your password and click on “LOG IN”
Step 5: You will then see the above options screen shown. Click on “Show groupchats” and a list of chatrooms available to you will be show,

PLEASE NOTE: Chat rooms may not be immediately available to you since you need to be added to the members only room by Admin.
Step 4: Once you have logged in you will see the above screen shown. You can click on your profile pic to change it from the stock image and add your name etc. To go to a chat room click on the three lines adjacent to “GROUPCHATS”
Step 6: Once you have selected your chatroom you will need to choose your nickname
Step 7: You will then be in the chatroom. Type your messages at the bottom of the screen and press [ENTER] to send.
Step 8: Make a nice cuppa, chat to your friends and enjoy!

Thanks go to Chris Weaver for all of his hard work setting this chat facility up..

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