NWARG DX-Day Great Orme 02/02/20

Our Group’s first major get together  DX-ing  finally took place on Sunday 2nd Feb 2020 at the public car parking area next to the GB2ORM D-Day site location as of June 2019.

Our Club Chair, Martin Moyse (2WONKS)  was bright and early yet again and in position well before 07.00 hrs ! complete with his Icom 7300 and HF half size G5RV all set up.

Weather forecast was looking better than the previous day with less wind and rain so I was all set and hooked up with caravan ready to go , and after a bit of a drag round marine drive and up the tank tracks met up on site with a few more of our group who had got their ready for the DX QSO’s  to begin.

Capt Peter  ( GW4UWD) was all ready on parade too, and looking nearly as good as me LOL complete in cammo outfit for the day ahead, and I was even more chuffed with my fellow friend when he gave me even MORE  cammo outfits from his old stock from home CHEERS CAPT ,but  My Missis gonna  take mick again!

Ted (MW6ADF) Chris (GW1OIK) Carl (MW6PQQ)  Pat (2WOHUU)  all gave a hand to get the c van situated and set up using fishing Rod antenna’s  with a couple of counterpoises , along with x2  Yaesu 450-D’s inside the c van.

Meanwhile Martin was already doing well on various bands ,but the weather  was just a bit too windy for Peter to work  portable with his CW set up as now it was getting biting cold and only really suitable for  staying in a car or the c van, so got kettle on (EVENTUALLY) and we sat very cosy in the c/van.

Martin was transmitting on 40 mtrs, so we set up Yaesu’s  on 20 & 80m but our first QSO’s into Europe were at  11.00hrs into Hungary, Italy, Belgium, Poland and the usual German stations around at that time of the morning.

Today was mainly a test Event for the NWARG as we have so many more events planned for the course of 2020, and we did not plan to fill in loads n loads of Log’s  but, mainly to get all our members together for a fun filled day and that was exactly how the day spread on .

 QSO’s, Members turning up to join us all times of day and loads of BANTER too throughout the entire afternoon , “Not forgetting”  Carl’s  Dented Car, Martins Early morning Erections ! and of course me PIKEY taking ages to make a cuppa & burning myself in the process  STUPID BOY !.

During the afternoon further contacts made from the c/ van were to New York, Kansas, Monreal  San Marino and Tenerife, all on 20mrs using our club call sign MC0JBQ. Unfortunately  it did get colder as the day went on so we all went QRT before 15.00 hrs and after spending a brill day with the NWARG it was time to depart ,BUT WE WILL BE BACK and with a lot more Antennas ! Ideas & Set up’s.

Big Thanks To : Ted (MW6ADF)  Martin ( 2WONKS) )  Pat (2WOHUU)  Chris (GW1OIK) Peter  (GW4UWD)  Carl (MW6PQQ)  Kev (MW6ORJ)  David (Pres- NWARG) Jack (GW2ANK) Jeremy (MW6XWP) FOR MAKING THIS A GREAT DAY OF FRIENDSHIP AND PLAYING RADIO

73’s Tony MW6TMQ

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