North Wales Amateur Radio Group (NWARG) was formed in December of 2019 by a group of radio amateurs that yearned for a local club that encouraged it’s membership to use all modes of amateur radio, to experiment with radio, to learn about radio and above all to be friendly and supportive of all of it’s members.  Indeed, the Group ethos is that whilst we actively engage in and enjoy all aspects of the amateur radio hobby we also encourage and value good friendship and support within our membership.

Once covid restrictions are lifted the group will meet weekly at the Mochdre village hall from 7pm till 9pm. We always welcomes both licensed amateur radio operators and people who have an interest in radio and in particular people who are interested in obtaining an amateur radio license. For more information on obtaining your amateur radio operators license please complete the contact form.

NWARG has two affiliated clubs and one affiliated repeater group, Eryri-DX, the North Gwynedd and Anglesey Raynet Group and the LLandudno Repeater Group. Between NWARG and our affiliated clubs we strive to have regular on air evenings, field trips and special event stations, and interesting talks by either members or invited guests.  

Have questions about Amateur Radio? Well amongst our membership we have a superb talent base and there will almost certainly be a member that can support you in almost every aspect and mode of Amateur Radio.

So why not pop along and see what North Wales Amateur Radio Group can offer you? You don’t need to be a licenced radio amateur to join the North Wales Amateur Radio Group.
You preferably do need to live in the local area so that you can attend meetings and events, you do need to have an interest in radio and above all you do need to agree to abide by our constitution and rules and our group ethos of “radio and friendship”
For more information on joining us please complete our contact form. We will reply with information on the membership application process as soon as possible.

You can view our GDPR Statement HERE

NWARG take access for the disabled very seriously and our members will provide a safe and friendly environment for all members regardless of ability, one of our members is a trained nurse practitioner and is available on request. Our meeting venue has ramped access making it easier for the less active and wheelchair users.

Gridsquare: IO83DH     WAB Square: SH88


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    • Alan Beardow on May 29, 2020 at 12:30 pm
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    I am interested in obtaining a radio licence, but would first like to chat with people who have a great experience in ham radio.

    I have purchased recently a Baofeng UV-5 transceiver. Whilst I am slowly finding my way around how it operates I’ve reached a stage where I am in need of assistance in order to progress within the legal framework of operation. At the moment I’ve just been using the unit as a scanner.

    I appreciate that Corvid-19 has no doubt temporarily put a hold on meetings, but once meetings recommence could you email me the date of the first meeting so that I can attend.

    In the meantime would you let me know what the membership fee is and when and how can I pay it.


    Alan Beardow

    • Ross Waddams on May 29, 2020 at 12:42 pm
    • Reply

    Martin 2w0nks

    I see you’re the Chairman!

    I’ve had a look round and I must say that this is a website to be proud of. Yes, of course I’d be happy to provide some content for your CW section.

    Speak soon (on CWCOM or email)


    Ross M7RSS (radio) & M9RSS (internet)

    • darren pitman on June 18, 2020 at 12:48 pm
    • Reply

    Good afternoon I use to attend when you were located in the other place I have now since moved back to England I did all my exams with you my calls were

    darren pitman

    I’m trying to get my call sign reallocated but they need to see some sort of candidate number etc

    My address at the time
    *******HIDDEN BY ADMIN*******
    Many thanks

    1. That would have been NWRS not NWARG as we are a new club since November 2019. I have however passed your message to our training officer who may be advises you to contact RSGB and see if they can trace the candidate number. I know some people have had their callsign re-instated by providing a year book entry so maybe that would be worth investigating too.
      Chairman NWARG

    • Martyn on February 8, 2021 at 11:49 am
    • Reply

    Hi I’m new to radio and I like some help getting set up I have a baofeng pro 5. And I need some frequencies if some one can help me live in Conwy thanks martyn k

    1. I have passed your details onto our secretary to contact you sir…

    • Catherine Erkul on October 29, 2021 at 2:18 pm
    • Reply

    Looking to sell a considerable amount of radio equipment. Need advice on where to sell and get prices. In North wales

    1. Could you email admin@nwarg.org please with details of the equipment.. thank you

    • Derek Flewin on November 6, 2021 at 1:17 pm
    • Reply

    Hope all is well?
    I got your SES GB2LWF earlier this morning but need to know its location so I can work out its WAB Square, many thanks for your help.
    73, Derek Flewin, 2W0FLW.

    1. Gridsquare: IO83DH
      WAB Square: SH88

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