3D Printed Morse Key

Martin “2W0NKS” has been on the lookout for a small morse key for mobile key for mobile use. It had to be light, simple, small and above all fairly tough! John “MW0JWP” suggested maybe a 3D printed key as the club now has a 3D printer which he is trailing at the moment. It was decided that a straight key would be best for mobile use as the side to side action of a paddle would maybe give rise to problems in use in a car!

After some deliberation a smashing looking small key was chosen by John to print from plans at thingiverse.com (click the link to view the plans.)

The next choice was colour, the choices were blue, or blue! So blue it was… With the lockdown in place, Martin in Abergele and John in Bangor John kept Martin updated with the printing progress, the videos and pics are presented below…

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