Program a repeater into a Yaesu FTM-100D

To program a repeater on a Yaesu FTM-100D follow the simple steps below…

  1. Short Press [V/M MW] to get radio into VFO mode
  2. Set the repeater RX Frequency on the radio
  3. Long Press [DISP Setup] button to take you to the main menu on the radio
  4. Rotate the [DIAL] to highlight item 4 (SIGNALING) and short press [DISP Setup]
  5. Rotate the [DIAL] to highlight item 1 (TONE SQL FREQ) and short press [DISP Setup]
  6. Rotate the [DIAL] to highlight the required Tone Sql Freq then short press the [BACK] button
  7. Rotate the [DIAL] to highlight item 4 (SQL TYPE) and short press [DISP Setup]
  8. Rotate the [DIAL] to select the SQL Tone Type and then short press the [BACK] button (note: for most repeaters in the UK select [TONE ENC] mode
  9. Short press [BACK] button again to take you to the main menu
  10. Rotate the [DIAL] to highlight item 8 [CONFIG] and short press the [DISP Setup] button
  11. For most UK repeaters you can simply rotate the [DIAL] to item 4 (AUTO REPEATER SHIFT) and short press the [DISP Setup button, then rotate the [DIAL] to item 1 (ON) and press the [BACK] button. However if your repeater uses a non standard repeater shift you need to manually set this into the radio. To do this rotate the [DIAL] to item 5 (REPEATER SHIFT) and short press [DISP Setup] then rotate the [DIAL] to item 1,2 or 3 depending on your repeater requirements and press the [BACK] button. Then rotate the [DIAL] to item 6 (REPEATER SHIFT FREQ) and short press the [DISP] Setup button. Rotate the [DIAL] to the required offset frequency and press the [BACK] button
  12. Short press [BACK] button 2 times to take you to the main VFO screen on the radio
  13. You should now see a + or – symbol together with the CTCSS tone type displayed on the top of the radio display. If you don’t you need to go back to step 3 and check your settings.
  14. To program the repeater into menu long press the [V/M MW] button, this will take you to the memory menu
  15. Rotate the [DIAL] to select a memory slot
  16. Press [SQL Voice] which below the [TAG] option to name your repeater
  17. Rotate [DIAL] to select the numbers or letters required. Note: to swap between uppercase or lowercase letters or number and symbols press [TXPO] until the desired mode is active
  18. Press [GM] to move to the next number or letter
  19. Continue repeating steps 17 and 18 until you have the desired repeater name displayed. Once you are happy with the displayed repeater name simply press [DISP Setup], this should turn the line displayed on the radio black
  20. Press [BACK] and you have completed programming the repeater into the radio

At this point it maybe worth considering saving the settings to SD card
To do this:
1. Long Press [DISP Setup] and rotate the [DIAL] to item 11 (SD)
2. Press [DISP Setup] and select item 1 (BACKUP) using the [DIAL]
3. Press [DISP Setup] and scroll to item 1 (WRITE to SD) using the [DIAL]
4. Press [DISP Setup] again and select item 1 or 2 and press [DISP Setup]
5. Scroll to (OK) using the [DIAL] and press [DISP Setup] to write the data to your SD card
6. Repeatedly press [BACK] to take you back to the main VFO screen

You have now programmed and saved your repeater into the FTM-100D’s memory

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