Full License

The Full License is what most radio amateurs ultimately aim for. The full license gives you access to more power, more frequencies and greatly increases your knowledge in the amateur radio hobby. Passing this exam is going to be tough, but no need to worry it is very achievable with a little dedication from you and help from our tutors and members, of course you will need to study the full license manual from cover to cover to ensure you are ready to take the ultimate amateur radio license and join the elite club of full license radio amateurs.

NWARG Academy online offers a range of training courses including all of the license levels and CW(morse). All of our courses are flexible and therefore presented at a pace to suit you thus achieving the ultimate aim of you passing the course and gaining your desired license. Lessons can be conducted via Facebook messenger, skype, or email to suit your needs. Courses are totally free of charge to NWARG members. 

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