Icom E90 Program a repeater

To Program a repeater on the Icom e90  from the radio front panel.

Set VFO mode [VFO] 
Select desired band [BAND]Select receive frequency [DIAL]

To set Offset frequency
Enter set mode [8 SET]Rotate [DIAL] until diplay shows “OFFSET”
Press [8 SET] again to select “OFFSET”
Rotate [DIAL] to select offect frequency value
Push [VFO] to exit SET mode

To set offset direction
Push [4 DUP] to select -DUP or DUP

To set CTCSS tone
Press [8 SET]Rotate [DIAL] until display shows “R Tone” repeater tone or “C Tone” CTCSS tone
Press [8 Set] to select tone type
Rotate [DIAL] to display required tone
Press [VFO] to exit mode

To store in Memory
Press [MR S.MW] for 1 second to display channels
Rotate [DIAL] to desired channel number
Press [MR S.MW] to save in desired channel number

To name Channel
Press [MR] to select memory mode
Sellect channel to be named using [DIAL]Push [M S.MR] for 1 second (channel blinks)
Push [CALL/TV] until “NAME” is displayed
Rotate [DIAL] to change characters
Press [BAND] to advance cursor
Press [VFO] to save name

if required press [6 M.N] for 1 sec to display names

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