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So you want to learn Morse Code and enjoy the wonderful world of CW? Well at NWARG we can help you with that by offering tuition, arranged QSO’s and advising on training resources.

NWARG Academy online offers a range of training courses including all of the license levels and CW(morse). All of our courses are flexible and therefore presented at a pace to suit you thus achieving the ultimate aim of you passing the course and gaining your desired license. Lessons can be conducted via Facebook messenger, skype, or email to suit your needs. Courses are totally free of charge to NWARG members. 

To find out more about the NWARG Academy online click HERE

What is Morse code anyway and who invented it? Morse code is an alphabet or code in which letters are represented by combinations of long and short sound signals often referred to as dots and dashes or sometimes dits and dahs. It was invented by an American called Samuel Finley Breese Morse, (1791-1872), he first demonstrated the telegraph to the United States Congress in 1844 using a now famous message “What hath God wrought”..
Morse code requires the time between dits and dahs, between letters, and between words to be as accurate as possible.

A Dit takes – 1 unit of time, A Dah takes – 3 units of time, The pause between letters – 3 units of time
The pause between words – 7 units of time

The speed at which a message is sent in Morse code is normally given in words per minute (WPM). The word “Paris” is used as the length of a standard word. An experienced Morse code operator can send and receive messages at a rate of 20-30 WPM.

Of course with modern technology there are many ways to send and receive morse code now including software packages that can send and receive Morse code at high speed. However, learning morse is fun and very rewarding so why not give it a go?

So your ready to have a go at learning? There are many apps available for all O/S platforms, here are a few of the good ones for you to download. Good luck..

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Morse over iP
Click HERE to visit download site
Click HERE to download the zip file
Just Learn Morse Code
Click HERE to visit download site
Morse Code Tutorial Click HERE to visit download site

This image has an empty alt attribute; its file name is black-go-to-web-sign-internet-icon-logo-black-go-to-web-sign-internet-icon-logo-white-131812515.jpgMorsal Fun
Daily Morse code challenge
Click HERE to visit the website
This image has an empty alt attribute; its file name is black-go-to-web-sign-internet-icon-logo-black-go-to-web-sign-internet-icon-logo-white-131812515.jpgMorse code audio practice testClick HERE to visit the website
Many more apps are available on our download page, Click HERE to view our downloads.

There are also some excellent Morse related Videos on YouTube, here are some of the best for you to watch:

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