CWCOM, what is it, what does it do?

First of all let me tell you that CWCOM is FREE, You DONT need an amateur radio license to use it, you don’t need a callsign (make up your own), you don’t need a radio or antenna or any special equipment, and did I mention that its FREE! yes there are no catches, no subscriptions to pay and nothing to pay for support etc.

Download CWCOM from:

CWCOM is a program for Windows, Linux and Apple Mac that was originally written by an Australian Radio Amateur , for Windows 95. Some years on and the program is still in use although the original author has discontinued his support for his original website. The good news however is that Gerry “G3MS” has taken on the challenge of keeping the program alive and today you will still find users from all over the world sending Morse code over CWCOM. It is not only a fantastic way of improving your code but a great place to meet other CW fans and make some contacts and friends from all over the planet.

Gerry “G3MS” also maintains a blogspot with loads of information and support for CWCOM ranging from initial download and setup to making a mouse adaptor for your CW key. You can find his blogspot at

CWCOM will accommodate Morse keying up to 50wpm, good luck with that! and will allow the use of straight keys and paddles with suitable adaptors as well as allowing the use of your computers keyboard or mouse to send code or indeed typed text on screen.

Morse communication was the original internet. using “landline” or undersea cables to connect distant places.. it eventually moved on to the radio waves crossing the watery waves with no cable connection… this became known as “wire less” communication and was a big factor in the saving of many lives since the RMS Titanic was sunk by an iceberg on her maiden voyage to the USA in 1912..

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