Special Event Station GB0WMZ

We have all struggled through the Covid-19 Pandemic in one way or another be it contracting the virus, loss of loved ones, financial troubles etc. Well this equally applies to many businesses thought the world including zoos who of course rely on their income generated through visitors to pay not only their running costs but to feed the animals.

Well it came to our attention at NWARG & Eryri-DX that this was indeed the case with our local zoo, the Welsh Mountain Zoo in Colwyn Bay who are struggling to pay for food to feed the animals in their care. Obviously people can get out and do something to help themselves in many cases, but animals in captivity cant so it was decided at very short notice that we would spring into action and set up a Special Event Station, GB0WMZ (Welsh Mountain Zoo) to raise awareness of the plight of our local Zoo.

Our President, MW6MLI, our Chairman 2W0NKS and our Vice Chairman MW6TMQ setup HF, VHF, and CW stations on Rhos on Sea promenade on Sunday the 21st of June 2020 being very careful that they complied with all Covid-19 Social distancing regulations.

David MW6MLI spent the morning talking to people about the zoo and its struggle and of course about the radio club while Martin 2W0NKS worked VHF and CW and Tony MW6TMQ worked HF.

We made some 20 contacts and spoke to many people who were mostly interested in the radios and of course the Zoo so all in all we achieved our aim of informing people about the situation that the zoo finds itself in at the moment.

For more information you can visit our special event station QRZ by clicking HERE


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