Radio and Friendship at NWARG

The North Wales Amateur Radio Group has since its conception always had an ethos of being a friendly group that share an interest in amateur radio, hence we proudly display our unique RF logo, “Radio and Friendship”.
We believe in supporting our members in any way that we can and this has been the case recently when one of our members took time out to help another member.

All of our members are keen radio amateurs but unfortunately not everybody is fortunate enough to be able to buy radio equipment or in some cases physically cannot install such equipment. This was indeed the case with one of our much valued members, he has been licensed for some time now but has been unable to purchase or install HF equipment at his home QTH.

One of our Committee members who is also our Examinations Secretary, Pat Harper (2W0HUU) decided that he could do something to assist the member with the situation so visited him at home and installed an HF antenna for him. Pat’s generosity and caring for other members doesn’t stop there however! No, not only did Pat take the time out to install the antenna, he also installed his own Yaesu FT1200 on loan so that our member could finally get on HF radio.

Well done Pat, you are a shinning example of what Amateur Radio, The North Wales Amateur Radio Group, and Friendship is all about.

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